All About Payments?

Our newest tool, Payments?, will allow you to securely process transactions and seamlessly integrate them with your GoSite Dashboard.

We're powered by full PCI compliance (payment card industry compliance) and Point-to-Point Encryption in order to maintain reliability and security for all major credit cards.

When you choose to become one of the many business owners who use GoSite’s Payments? tool, you will automatically receive upgrades and integrations as they happen. Take advantage of the tool’s many capabilities and keep current with all payment processing trends, while growing your business alongside GoSite's software. The long-term value of this payment processing system will become clear quickly, as you improve the functionality of your business and record-keeping. Receive payments, manage transactions, and send receipts with ease when you choose GoSite’s new Payments? software.


Batches - When the payments are processed at the end of the day, they are placed, or batched, into the receiver’s account.

Payment Gateway - Bridges payment technology & card processing software.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) - Adds security to in-store transactions, encrypts data upon swipe/insert

Tokenized - During the transaction, sensitive data is given an alias, or a “token,” to prevent it from being reached by outside sources.

How Payments? Integrates With the Rest of Your GoSite Dashboard

The Payments? tool is unique in its ability to work seamlessly with the rest of your GoSite tools. Provide a simpler way for you and your clients to handle transactions, and keep track of everything from one place. 


Hover over any contact, and request a payment with just a few quick clicks. These can be sent conveniently through email or text.



Set up appointments and get paid a set price for your services.



Request Payments from chats. Enjoy a simpler way to request payments from clients. 



Offer a simple and convenient way for your clients to pay you, directly from your website!